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Quick Home Rejuvenations you can do in your spare time.

Home renovations can be stressful, messy and tedious. Luckily, there are projects that aren’t as time-consuming as remodeling a whole room. Doing small renovations from time to time will eventually improve and transform your home. The key to not getting overwhelmed with so many things to do is to divide the tasks into seasonal projects.

An example is to attack indoor repairs or improvements together in the winter season before moving outside in summer.

In today’s post, TCS home improvement, shares home renovations you can complete within a day.

Paint the Front Door

Make a nice first impression on your guests by spicing up your front door. The simplest and easiest way to do that is by repainting or changing the door’s color. This job can be completed in just around an hour. You can even do other productive tasks like cleaning the yard as you wait for the first coat to dry.

Regrout and Recaulk

Over the years, the grout and caulk in your bathroom can turn yellow, crack, chip off and develop gaps. Regrouting and recaulking can instantly improve your entire bathroom and make it look cleaner.

Replace Cabinet Hardware

The hardware of your cabinets and doors can be a beautiful accent. Most can be replaced easily with a screwdriver.

Paint Cabinets

Save money and time by painting your cabinets instead of purchasing new ones. You don’t have to get rid of your existing cabinets as long as the boxes are in good condition. Make sure to use the right paint and prime the surface before coating.

New Window Treatments

Get rid of your old, faded blinds and replace them with bamboo shades or curtains. Give your space a dainty feel with sheer curtains. They can provide added privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Don’t hesitate to contact professionals when you need help with your home improvement project. We are always available to help, call anytime TCS 561.529.4549

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